Uncanny Spider-Man and Dark X-Men among six new titles revealed by Marvel as Fall of X ramps up

Xavier kneels in a battlefield surrounded by dead or unconscious mutants.
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel has unveiled a striking new teaser for the Fall of X storyline that's rolling out across all of the X-Men titles this summer. 

In an ominous new piece by Bryan Hitch (which calls back to a similar house ad by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer from 1988's classic Fall Of The Mutants arc), Xavier kneels on a battlefield surrounded by scores of mutants, all of whom are seemingly either dead or unconscious. It's the latest indication that whatever is going down at this year's Hellfire Gala will leave an indelible mark on the mutant community.

Most intriguingly, the image, revealed at MegaCon in Orlando on Saturday, is accompanied by a list of the books taking part in the storyline - including six new and previously unannounced titles.

Xavier surrounded by hordes of fallen mutants.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

These are:

  • Astonishing Ice Man
  • Children of the Vault
  • Dark X-Men
  • Realm of X 
  • Alpha Flight
  • Uncanny Spider-Man

There's no word, as yet, on which creative teams will be tackling the new books. Fall of X kicks off with the X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1 one-shot by Gerry Duggan, with art from Russell Dauterman, Kris Anka, C.F. Villa and Matteo Lolli, published July 13.

The six new comics join the seven previously announced books taking part in the event (X-Men, Wolverine, Invincible Iron Man, Uncanny Avengers, X-Men Red, X-Force and Immortal X-Men) to form 13 titles in total, a number that is sure to prove unlucky for at least some of the mutants, if Hitch's image is anything to go by. 

Also revealed at the con was the news that Kate Pryde is embracing a new look and a slightly altered name. Now going as Shadowkat (with a k, not a c), Pryde's new costume directly calls back to her ninja training. Check out Peach Momoko's design sheet for the revamped character below, as well as Joshua Cassara's cover for X-Men #25, which is published on August 2nd. 

However Shadowkat is spelled, there's no doubt that Kate Pryde is one of the most iconic LGBTQ+ superheroes of all time.

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