X-Men "Fall of X" event kicks off with four "Before the Fall" specials

X-Men: Before The Fall – Mutant First Strike #1 cover art
X-Men: Before The Fall – Mutant First Strike #1 cover art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

'The Foundation Of Krakoa Begins To Crack' might be the answer to Newsarama's questions about what changes will be coming to this summer's X-Men event 'Fall of X.'

Marvel Comics just announced a series of one-shot specials, 'Before the Fall,' preceding the main event.

The publisher promises 'Fall of X' ushers in "Mutantkind’s next evolution" and the overarching storyline will impact "every X-Men title and the Marvel Universe as we know it."

Asking the question "Can Krakoa last forever?" the four preceding one-shots will set the stage and will wrap up "long-simmering plotlines, reintroduce major players, and put all the pieces in place" for the events of the third annual Hellfire Gala that will also reveal the outcome of 2023's third annual X-Men fan vote, which begins January 31.

X-Men: Before The Fall – Sons Of X #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

In May 3's X-Men: Before The Fall – Sons Of X #1, written by Si Spurrier and drawn by Phil Noto (who also draws the cover), "Witness a battle between two titans of the X-Universe. A man of innumerable personalities and powers vs. the most powerful artificial intelligence in this universe: Legion vs. Nimrod! With Nightcrawler in Orchis' clutches, David Haller and his allies will have to confront the mastermind who destroyed Warlock and nearly took Krakoa with him. But Nightcrawler is not himself... and Legion's allies aren't all they seem to be either."

X-Men: Before The Fall – Heralds Of Apocalypse #1 features the long-awaited return of Apocalypse by writer Al Ewing and artist Luca Pizzari and cover artist Pepe Larraz.

X-Men: Before The Fall – Heralds Of Apocalypse #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"Not seen since the shocking ending of X of Swords, Apocalypse and his family have battled for survival in the harsh land of Amenth. Do they rule over this twisted world or do its demonic inhabitants rule them? And how has Apocalypse felt about the choices the Quiet Council has made in his absence?"

X-Men: Before The Fall – Mutant First Strike #1 by writer Steve Orlando and artist Valentina Pinti and a cover by David Baldeón is a mutant mystery.

"A deadly mutant attacks an innocent small town but nothing is what it seems. Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Bishop are tasked with a routine mission but as they dig deeper, they uncover a hidden truth that will send shockwaves through mutantkind."

Both Heralds Of Apocalypse #1 and Mutant First Strike #1 go on sale in June.

X-Men: Before The Fall – Sinister Four #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Finally, in July four Mister Sinisters plot their next move in X-Men: Before The Fall – Sinister Four #1 by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Paco Medina. Lucas Werneck illustrates the cover.

"In the aftermath of Sins of Sinister, all four Sinisters have been unmasked. They’ve gotten a taste of universal control but their true plans for mutantkind are just beginning…"

Check out all four covers below:

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