Rise of the Tomb Raider Soviet Installation guide: How to complete everything in the open area

Soviet Installation Collectibles (2/3)

Mural #5 - A Happy Land

This mural is on the building adjacent to the Communications Tower camp, and should be easy to spot.

Mural #6 - Damien, The Prophet's Forge

Next to the Hidden Refuge camp there's a cave in the corner, and inside there's a wall you can break to access a crypt. Once you've gone down several step to the bottom of the area, this mural is on the wall.

Document #7 - Damien, The Prophet's Forge

As you move through the next cave, this collectible sits over a small area of water.

Document #8 - Attachments

When you reach the Supply Shack, check on the crate behind it.

Document #9 - Resistance

Once you've made your escape from the cell, check the desk in the room.

Relic #5 - Cigarette Case

Within the same cell block, have a look around the corner to spot this collectible.

Document #10 - Betrayal

Soon after you exit the cell block, look for a projector with the document to the side.

Document #11 - Reunited

As you look for a way to open the gate in the courtyard, you'll spot a document right there by the controls.

Document #12 - Fieldwork

Once you've escaped from the Trinity soldiers and come out of the water, look beside the door.

Relic #6 - Patch

Beyond that same door, this relic can be found near the crank.

Document #13 - The Fearful and the Lost

During the combat after you receive the assault rifle, make sure you grab the document from the table before you drop down into the pit shown above.

Document #14 - Wounded

Further on you'll discover a room containing a number of dead soldiers, where you should look on the table near the door.

Relic #7 - Medal

In the same immediate area as that document, look around the bottom of the stairs.

Mural #7 - Warning for the Unjust

From where you found the previous relic, look on the opposite side of the broken wall.

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