Rise of the Tomb Raider Soviet Installation guide: How to complete everything in the open area

Soviet Installation Challenges

Soviet Installation - Data Corruption

Destroy 10 red laptops.

Laptop #1

The first chance you have for this challenge is during your escape from the prison area, though you can come back later if needed. Most of the laptops are within the large courtyard where you have to open the gate, and the first is sat on a crate next to the gate itself.

Laptop #2

The second laptop is close by on top of another crate.

Laptop #3

The third laptop can be found outside the small office, where the gate controls are located.

Laptop #4 & #5

Go inside that same office, where two more laptops are stashed.

Laptop #6

After you've opened the gate, there's a laptop immediately on the other side.

Laptop #7

During your fight with the Trinity soldiers, look on the right before you drop into the hole in the ground.

Laptop #8

Just past the gate at the Gulag camp, there's a shack with the laptop inside it. This is easier to collect once the shootout is done.

Laptop #9

Across the way is another shack with a laptop in it, and if you pulled down the roof using your new rope arrows you might have already destroyed it.

Laptop #10

Inside the building with the dead soldiers, you'll find the final laptop for this challenge.

Soviet Installation - Difference of Opinion

Burn 7 posters.

Poster #1

You can't finish this challenge until you have Fire Arrows available, but you can use Molotov cocktails for most of the targets. The first poster is within a large building by the trains, and you should look out for a rope arrow door to open as you ascent to the upper area. The poster is displayed on a wall to the other side.

Poster #2

As soon as you learn how to craft Molotovs, check the corner of that area to find a flammable barrier above a platform. Torch it and you can reach a poster on the other side.

Poster #3

After you get to the room with chutes, spot a rope arrow door that you can pull open. Slide down the chute then jump off the end, so you can climb to the upper floor of the building you couldn't reach previously, where the poster hangs.

Poster #4

From the same area with the chutes, head to the fenced-in deck then turn around to locate this poster above the entrance.

Poster #5

When you're getting close to the mill's final section, look out for this poster hanging from a window.

Poster #6

From the previous poster, descend the ladder you used before and jump over to the ledge shown above. The poster is attached to the wall of that deck.

Poster #7

During the battle at the top of the mill, you can burn down the final poster. After you crawl into the last room, immediately check the walkway to find it.

Soviet Installation - Into Darkness

Explore 5 caves.

There are actually a total of six caves in this area, and you only have to go into five of them. We've marked them all on the map above, so make your selection and get exploring.

Soviet Installation - Capture the Flag

Cut down 7 Soviet flags.

Flag #1

You'll need to unlock the Combat Knife before you can take on this challenge, then the first flag is found right by the Logging Camp.

Flag #2

The second flag is flying on the large structure in the centre of the area.

Flag #3

In the northern section of the area, this flag is on top of a storage tank by the ridge.

Flag #4

The fourth flag is found next to a bunker, as you travel up the ridge to the Communications Tower camp.

Flag #5

The next flag is found right by the Supply Shack.

Flag #6

Head up the small ridge along the path to the Copper Mill for the penultimate flag.

Flag #7

Wrap things up by snagging this final flag next to the Copper Mill Yard camp.

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