Rise of the Tomb Raider Soviet Installation guide: How to complete everything in the open area

Soviet Installation Collectibles (3/3)

Mural #8 - The Warmth of Labor

You'll see this plaque on a wall next to the Copper Mill Yard camp.

Relic #8 - The Game

After opening the area with Rope Arrows, go into the building that's directly southeast of Copper Mill Yard camp to locate the relic.

Document #15 - Glorious Discovery

Look inside the building to the southern corner in that same yard, where the document is on a desk.

Document #16 - Second Kill

During your mill climb you'll come to a room with lots of cages, then check the desk in that area.

Relic #9 - Dog Tags

Once you learn how to make Molotov cocktails, identify the flammable barrier in the corner of the room then torch it to access the next room containing the relic.

Relic #10 - Hero of the Soviet Union Medal

There's another flammable barrier which leads to a room with some ramps, and following them around will reveal a relic sat on a fenced-in deck.

Mural #9 - For the Motherland

On the wall next to the previous relic, you'll find this plaque.

Relic #11 - Order of the Red Banner Medal

From the previous mural, use rope arrows to yank open the blocked door behind you. This reveals a ramp to slide down then leap onto the oncoming balcony. Next, fire another rope arrow to climb over into a small room, then check the desk for this elusive relic.

Document #17 - An Ally in the Darkness

During the upper section of the mill, you'll jump over the gap shown above, then go up the next stairs and look on a table.

Document #18 - New Intel

Keep going upwards, and after scaling a ladder you'll find the document on top of some wood.

Relic #12 - Pillbox

Go back down that ladder again, then look for another ledge you can jump and climb onto, where you'll find the next relic.

Document #19 - Separated

This collectible isn't available until you come back from Geothermal Valley once Jonah has been taken prisoner. At your new Cooper Mill Bridge camp, the document is on a crate to the side.

Mural #10 - Dedication

After you've collected Climbing Arrows from the strongbox close by, you can then climb the wall and reach this mural at the top.

Document #20 - Contact

There's another climbing arrow wall you'll find on your way to Jonah, so scale it then look in the small pavilion.

Mural #11 - Lessons of Loyalty, Relic #13 - A Coin of the Realm, Relic #14 - Golden Icon, Document #21 - A Warning, Document #22 - Correspondence

These can be found in the Soviet Installation Ancient Cistern challenge tomb.

Relic #15 - Maniples, Relic #16 - Censer, Document #23 - The Scout, Document #24 - Mountain Song

These can be found in the Soviet Installation Voice of God challenge tomb.

Relic #17 - Hip Flask, Document #25 - Resistance, Relic #18 - Bomb Fuse, Document #26 - Discovery, Mural #12 - All Empires Fall

These can be found in the Soviet Installation The Red Mine challenge tomb.

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