Ring of Elysium map guide - the best places to spawn on Europa

If you’re jumping into Ring of Elysium for the first time and the map seems a bit overwhelming since you can spawn absolutely anywhere you want, then this Ring of Elysium map guide is for you. Right now, the only Ring of Elysium map available is Europa; it’s the third map in total, but as the game grows in popularity, it will be the first experience many players have with the game. We’ve abandoned the snowy region of Dione in favour of Europa’s sunny beaches and beautiful modern villages. 

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Fisherman Town

The Fisherman Town is easily one of the best spawn points on the entire Ring of Elysium map for a few reasons. The first is obvious; there are a ton of buildings, most of which have multiple floors, which means there is so much loot to be found. Especially if you spawn on the eastern side of the two bridges, which even has a huge cinema to explore.

Now it’s not a secret that Fisherman Town is a great place to drop, which means you may have some competition. The great thing about Ring of Elysium is that you will know exactly where any enemies spawn in relation to you, so you can loot the buildings they won’t be able to get to as quickly. One of the best strategies is to hole up in one of the top floors of a building overlooking the two bridges with an assault rifle or sniper with a magnified scope. If anyone starts to cross the bridge, whether it’s on foot or in a vehicle, you have some easy shots to take.

Ocean Park

Located on the northern shore of the western island, Ocean Park is exactly that; a theme park by the ocean. There are some open areas in and around the BMX ramps, while the circus tents house a lot of loot and offer some unique cover. The highlight of Ocean Park however, are the vehicles.

There are a number of speedboat spawns surrounding the park, giving players a very quick getaway to places like Thumb Bay, Whiteshore, or even Fisherman Town. If you get lucky enough that the safe zone is closing in on Baywater Construction, then there’s also the mini-submarine you can take from the north side of Ocean Park, which will take you through a short on-rails experience under the sea.

Marius Observatory

One of the most popular places on the Ring of Elysium map is the Marius Observatory, and for good reason. The highlight of the spot is the huge observatory building which has multiple floors and roofs with loot everywhere, but there’s also a small town surrounding it too with a number of buildings.

Marius Observatory offers a lot of verticality: if you’re able to secure the observatory for yourself, wield a sniper or long range assault rifle and you’ll have a solid view of the entire town below. Since it’s so central, there’ll be a lot of traffic coming through if you’re in the safe zone, which means you can easily lie in wait for other players. Marius Observatory isn’t a great spot if you want to try and hide your way to the helicopter, but it’s fantastic for anyone hunting down players.

Sarpedon Island

Sarpedon Island is the most south-westerly point on the Ring of Elysium map, and it’s a great location for solos and duos. The entire island isn’t connected to the mainland in any way, and since it’s the only location on that block of land, there’s a good chance you won’t have anyone coming to contest you for it. There’s one main street with numerous buildings, along with a couple of smaller clusters to the side.

Since you’re so close to the edge of the map, chances are you won’t be safe from the ash for long, but like Ocean Park, you can grab a speedboat from nearby. If you can’t find one, you can quickly swim over to the Bay City lighthouse then cross the bridge - just watch out for any players inside Bay City, because that tends to be a popular drop.

Galileo Harbor

Down in the south is Galileo Harbor, which is another self explanatory location. There’s one absolutely enormous freighter which has loot covering the deck - just make sure you don’t select one of the squares which only half covers the ship because you’ll actually spawn floating in the ocean.

On land, there are a plethora of shipping cargo crates and warehouses, though it’s all fairly open so keep an eye out for other players. The best weapon to use here is any assault rifle with a magnified scope, so you can peer down the sight lines and through open crates. Be alert for any nearby vehicles too, because there aren’t a lot of spawns, which means you can often get caught by the ash if you’re not quick enough.

Angeltown/St. Gabriel Cathedral

Angeltown and one of the biggest landmarks on Europa, the St. Gabriel Cathedral, are in the north-east corner of the Ring of Elysium map and they combine to be one of the best spawn points available. If you spawn in the town, you’ve got a market square complete with numerous buildings to explore, while the cathedral itself has a lot of loot from the ground floor all the way to the outside ledges.

Since there are so many buildings to loot here, you could spawn with an enemy but not see them until you’re both fully geared up. Stay frosty because there are so many corners and angles you could be seen from, and also watch out for anyone sniping from halfway up the cathedral.

Minos Islands

Another fantastic location for solos and duos players, the Minos Islands are two separate small islands, connected by a bridge. We’d recommend starting on the western island and looting the few houses there, then moving over to the eastern island which has a few more. On the eastern island, there’s also an enormous lighthouse but unfortunately, it’s completely inaccessible. Come on Tencent, we want to snipe people from the very top!

You’re quite isolated on the Minos Islands so there won’t be too many enemies to worry about, as long as you keep an ear out for any vehicles crossing the bridge from Baywater Construction. When you’re done, you can easily cross the bridge over to Whiteshore which isn’t usually too popular either, or you can nab a boat along to the Shipyard or south to Ocean Park.

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