Best Ring of Elysium guns - the six most effective guns in the new battle royale game

Ring of Elysium is a battle royale game that isn’t quite as hardcore as PUBG, but it’s much more realistic than Fortnite. There’s a whole arsenal of Ring of Elysium guns you can find lying around the map, and while the loot you find is somewhat random, it’s important to know the best Ring of Elysium weapons and guns, so you know which ones to drop and which to keep.

There are six classes of guns in Ring of Elysium: Pistols, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles, Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns. Depending on which equipment you choose at the start, you’ll spawn with either the USP or Glock pistols, or the Citori shotgun. These are three of the worst guns in the game though, so you’re going to want to quickly find some better weapons and drop your starting one. Here are the six best Ring of Elysium guns, useful for a variety of circumstances.

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M4A1 - Assault Rifle

The best Ring of Elysium gun that you’ll find commonly on the floor is the M4A1 Assault Rifle. It can be useful in pretty much all combat scenarios; if there’s an enemy in the same room as you, make sure you’ve got it set to fire automatically with a Red Dot Sight. Spotted an enemy running through a field 200+ metres away? Equip a 4x scope and set the gun to single shot, so you can tap him a few times in the head with incredible accuracy.

When you eventually find all the necessary attachments like a Compensator, Vertical Foregrip, Extended Magazine and Tactical Stock, you’ll be able to mow down enemies with almost no recoil whatsoever. There could well be an M4A1 nerf coming soon, because it is ridiculously accurate.

AUG - Assault Rifle

The second Assault Rifle on the list, and the AUG is the only one worth dropping an M4A1 for. The thing is, this is the one Assault Rifle exclusive to air drops, so you’re going to need to fight over one of those bright orange balls filled with goodies if you stand a chance of getting one.

When you do eventually get your hands on an AUG, it’s the best Assault Rifle by far. It will mow down any enemies that are near to you, and it’s got decent accuracy which means it can do a job at range too. If you have an M4A1, it’s not always worth fighting over an air drop for because it’s incredibly risky, but it’s always worth upgrading any other Assault Rifle to one of these monsters.

MPX-SD - Submachine Gun

Both the MP5 and the MPX-SD are outstanding submachine guns, but once you’ve obtained an Extended Magazine for it, the MPX-SD just about takes the top spot. It has less range than the MP5, but it deals notably more damage and has a higher fire rate which means it is a killing machine in close quarters combat.

The only drawback for the MPX-SD is that you can’t equip a barrel attachment, so there’s no Compensator or Silencers available for the gun. When you can kill your foes that quickly though, there’s really no need.

G28 - Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle

For long range combat in the early game, there’s nothing better than a solid Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle. There are only two in the entire game - the MK12 and the G28 - but the G28 is slightly better in almost all aspects. It takes 7.62mm ammunition which isn’t quite as common as the MK14’s 5.56mm, but it deals increased damage and has slightly further range.

With the fast fire rate, pop a 4x scope on the G28 and you’ll be sorted. A few shots to someone’s torso and you’ll break through most of their armour without a problem. Even if you only find a G28 at the start of a game, you can pop a Holographic Sight on that bad boy and use it at a much closer range.

Remington 700 - Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

In Ring of Elysium, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles aren’t easy to come by - they seem to be the rarest type of weapon spawn. You may see a Mosin-Nagant here and there, but you’re better off leaving that for a G28 or MK14. The Remington 700 on the other hand packs one hell of a punch.

It outperforms the Mosin-Nagant in almost every way, dealing a huge amount of damage per shot. Of course, to make the most out of a sniper, you’re going to want a long scope - ideally a 4x or 8x - but when you’ve got one, you’ll be able to kill enemies from miles away. There are two even more powerful Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles available, but they’re found exclusively in air drops, which we’ll get on to shortly.

VKS/M200 - Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles

Now the VKS and the M200 are two separate Sniper Rifles, but we’re including them as one entry because you’re going to want either one of them no matter what. Both guns can only be found in air drops, and while the M200 is the best one by far, the only ammo you can use with it is .408 CheyTac. If that sounds foreign, that’s because it’s not used for any other gun in the game, so you’ll only have the few bullets you find with it in the air drop. Once you’ve fired all your shots, that’s it; no more ammo.

The VKS on the other hand uses .50 CAL bullets, which it shares only with the Desert Eagle. This means the ammo is rare, but it’s not completely impossible to find more. With that said, you won’t be spraying and praying with either the M200 or the VKS, so it’s almost always worth upgrading your loadout to one of them.

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