Returnal developer Housemarque is teasing something new

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Returnal developer Housemarque appears to be teasing something brand new for the action-packed roguelike.

Last week, the official Returnal Twitter account put out the tweet seen further down, depicting what can only be described as some deceased creature, possibly from Atropos, the planet in which Returnal takes place. Then, Housemarque senior narrative designer Eevi Korhonen followed up with a tweet revealing that the developer has been recording something new.

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What this could possibly be a teaser for is anyone's guess as of right now. It could be that Returnal developers are back on the sound stage to record new motion capture for something to do with the game, or it could merely be that the developers are recording a new promotion of sorts for Returnal, with The Game Awards right around the corner next month in December.

It wouldn't actually be out of the ordinary for Returnal to receive some new DLC. Since Housemarque's zany shooter launched earlier this year in March, it's received patches with tweaks and adjustments, with a climactic 2.0 update arriving last month in October, offering a brand new photo mode and a 'Suspend Cycle' feature. Here's hoping Housemarque has more lined up for its excellent PS5 shooter.

Shortly before Returnal posted the teaser last week, developer Housemarque actually took home the 'Breakthrough Award' at the Golden Joysticks 2021. With a back catalog like Nex Machina, Resogun, Matterfall, and Alienation, Housemarque really entered another realm of development with Returnal, as the wild bullet-hell shooter wowed audiences around the globe.

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