Retro gaming every Monday

Nintendo plans to update Wii's Virtual Console game list with a brand new title every Monday, aiming to bring more than 30 games to the service before the end of the year, alongside the 12 retro games available at launch.

It'll certainly make Monday mornings a lot more bearable.

In addition,this shotthat some helpful gamer has posted on photo-sharing site flickr reveals that Wii's Virtual Console has a very handy Suspend Point feature, enabling you to freeze the game at any point and return to the Wii Home menu, thengo back whenever you please.

Unfortunately, it's not clear if you can play normal Wii games or do other memory-intensive actions without losing your Suspend Point. We tried to download several games all day Sunday, buteach effort timed out. Once we get one to go through properly, we'll have more details.

November 20, 2006