Resistance 3 announced with fantastic Old West-style trailer

Looks like Sony saved its biggest guns for last, closing out its gamescom 2010 press conference with a full – if not cryptic - trailer for Resistance 3. Evoking a wild west motif, the trailer kicked off with atmospheric live-action shots of huddled survivors, scorched lands and denim-clad cowboys - accompanied by an ominously melancholy, gospel-like rendition of Masters of War (The Staple Singers, maybe?) - before jumping to the Chimera feet and post-apocalyptic imagery. Lots of muzzle flashing in the dark, glowing chimera eyes, and screaming, all of which makes for good gameplay. Check it out immediately:

Details, like survivors, are scarce. But we do know PS3 fans can look forward to fighting the good fight on an epic scale in 2011.

Aug 17, 2010

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