Resident Evil Reboot Rumour Confirmed

More crazy reboot news from the Hollywoods, this time targeting a perfectly healthy franchise rather than a long dead shambles of a mockery, like The Fantastic Four .

That's right, Resident Evil , the series based on the popular video games that stars Milla Jovovich as a mysterious survivor of a zombie apocolypse, is set for a complete rethink with the tentatively titled Resident Evil Begins .

Confirmed by the jolly fellows over at, the idea is to stop the continuing series after Resident Evil 4 next summer, and redo the story of a special military unit fighting an murderous supercomputer and an army of flesh eating former scientists.

Sound familiar? Whatever the reason, be it Milla Jovovich's going rate or the lack of ideas for sequels, it certainly seems a little soon after the original, released as it was way back in 2002, for a reboot.

What do you think? Madness? Utter insanity? Let us know.