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Resident Evil producer leaves Capcom after 13 years to join Bungie

Resident Evil timeline - Resident Evil 8
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Resident Evil: Village (opens in new tab) producer Peter Fabiano has left Capcom after 13 years with the Japanese developer.

Fabiano – who, according to his Twitter profile, also founded Global Production at Capcom, Japan – announced his move in a tweet over the weekend. 

"Hard to write this best so I've decided to keep it simple: Thank you everyone at Capcom for allowing me to grow together with you over the past 13 years," Fabiano said. "I'm thankful and will cherish the experience forever.

"Thanks to everyone both in and outside the studio that have supported me over the years," Fabiano added in a follow-up tweet. "I’ve taken a new position at Bungie working with some great people and continuing my journey. 'Eyes up guardian'."

That's right – Fabiano has left Capcom to join the ranks of Destiny developer Bungie, where he's accepted a role as the studio's production department manager. Though he didn't confirm the project he's joining, reference to Guardians certainly intimates it's related to sci-fi shooter Destiny 2.

ICYMI, Resident Evil: Village villain Lady Dimitrescu has received the highest honor a character can get – she's been cosplayed by her own face model. 

Helena Mankowsa – who provided the face of Lady D, whilst Maggie Robertson brought the character to life via mo-cap (opens in new tab) – has released a series of photos of herself cosplaying the character. In a post captioned “Oh, there you are!” Mankowsa looks exactly like Lady D as she re-enacts the character’s famous twist towards the camera. 

This isn’t the first time a recognizable video game face has cosplayed as their character as Jocelyn Mettler who provided her face as the model for Abby (opens in new tab) in The Last of Us 2 (opens in new tab) also took part in this new trend as she put on a muscle suit and did a photoshoot as the character for Halloween last year.  

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