Resident Evil 5 to shoot in Toronto

Those with even a passing understanding of the Resident Evil games and films know it's pretty hard to put a determined zombie down.

So it should come as no surprise (especially as the last film ended on a cliffhanger) that the film franchise's fifth outing is gearing up to shoot at Cinespace’s Kipling Studio in Toronto.

Writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson will be at the helm once more for Resident Evil: Retribution , with Milla Jovovich back to kick more undead butt.

Shooting will take place from October to December to meet a US release date pencilled in for 14 September 2012.

Critics may have been disappointed with 2010's Resident Evil: Afterlife - “Isn’t it time we put Milla out of her misery?” read TF 's review - but having banked $296m worldwide there's no sign of an end yet.