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Resident Evil 3 Cloud Version could be coming to Switch, according to datamine

Resident Evil 3 Cloud Version
(Image credit: Capcom (via Resetera))

If a new datamine is to be believed, a cloud version of Resident Evil 3 could be on its way to Switch.

As spotted by the ever-watchful collective eye at Resetera (thanks, Gaming Bolt), there's an image of the title screen for "Resident Evil 3: Cloud Version" tucked away in the same website you visit when you launch Control on Switch. Accordingly, there are a few links and references to a cloud version of Resident Evil 3 suggesting Nintendo isn't stopping with Control and Hitman 3 when it comes to cloud streaming third-party games.

Of course, if Resident Evil 3 is coming to Switch, there's a good chance we'll also get Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 7. Further, this potentially paves the way for Resident Evil 8, which launches sometime next year, to release on Nintendo's mobile console.

ICYMI, Nintendo hosted its Direct Mini: Partner Showcase today, revealing a cloud version of Control Ultimate Edition for Switch. The game is available to stream right now, but do note you'll need a stable high-speed internet connection to play without interruption. 

Here's Remedy's communications director Thomas Puha on the unexpected Control Switch port. "This is the first time ever that a Remedy game is playable on a Nintendo console! We couldn't be happier that Nintendo Switch owners get to experience Control Ultimate Edition through the Cloud and join Jesse on her journey to becoming the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. We hope players enjoy discovering secrets and putting Jesse's telekinetic powers to use in the weird, supernatural world we've created."

Bringing Resident Evil 3 to Switch via cloud streaming wouldn't be without precedent - Resident Evil 7 got a cloud version on Switch in 2018. I've reached out to Capcom to inquire about the rumor and will update this page if I get a reply.

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