Rescue Party: Live looks like Overcooked but with natural disasters and it's coming this year

Rescue Party: Live, an Overcooked-inspired co-op game about saving people from natural disasters, is coming to Steam in Fall 2021 from Tag Studio and 505 Games. Check out the reveal trailer above.

If you've played Overcooked or Overcooked 2, you'll go into Rescue Party: Live more prepared than someone who hasn't, but you'll still want to steel yourself for much higher-stakes situations. If you haven't played Overcooked (or Overcooked publisher Team 17's similar co-op game Moving Out, for that matter), they're basically friendship-ruining party games that thrive on chaos, and Rescue Party: Live bumps up the stakes considerably. Instead of preparing a stack of flapjacks, you're bandaging up a burn victim.

Rescue Party: Live entrusts you and up to three friends with the heavy burden of saving peoples' lives from natural disasters. You can technically play the game alone, but games like these are frequently at their best when you and your friends are shouting over each other in desperation while you coordinate your strategy against a fast-ticking clock.

Anyway, the nine-character roster includes firefighters, lifeguards, volunteers and inevitably the most popular choice, a guide dog named Poppy Bark. Together, you and your team will need to rescue innocent lives from earthquakes, fires, floods, avalanches, and biological hazards across more than 30 levels. Naturally, there will be plenty of unexpected obstacles and spatial conundrums, not to mention that blasted timer, to make things even more hectic.

"Make the right moves, and coordinate with your team to rescue people in danger. Have fun, and act fast! The success of your team depends on your choices. Save as many lives as possible in a frantic race against time," reads the official synopsis. No pressure.

Rescue Party: Live supports 1-4 player couch co-op, online multiplayer, and "a mix of them." You can Wishlist the game on Steam right now if you think your relationships with your friends can withstand the heat.

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