Remedy mini-documentary teases "very dark and serious" next game

(Image credit: Remedy)

Not that anyone expected a game connected to Control and Alan Wake to be a jolly ol' time, but Remedy has confirmed it's next game will be "very dark and serious."

In a new mini-documentary, Remedy communications director Thomas Puha briefly spoke on the studio's next game, which ties into both Control and Alan Wake.

"All of our games have been so dark and melancholy, so now we're only going to use yellow, and red, and pink, like you're literally walking into a candy store," Puha joked. "No, it's going to be really dark and serious."

The whole three-minute documentary is worth a watch, with some interesting insights from the developers and neat behind-the-scenes footage of the studio recording ambient sounds like guns cocking and footsteps in running over dirt.

In an accompanying blog post from Epic, the publisher said it's "too early to shed light on Remedy's next games," but said the studio has a "robust and exciting vision." We already know we're getting the long-awaited Control/Alan Wake crossover in the former's next DLC - you can check out a whole 15 minutes of gameplay for the Control: AWE expansion - and it's also been confirmed that Remedy is currently working two new games looking towards next-gen.

If you've yet to jump into the mind-bending world of Remedy's latest, the Control Ultimate Edition bundle is available now and includes all DLC and, get this, free next-gen upgrades on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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