Release Radar: Our pick of the week's best TV, movies and games (March 4 - 10)

1. Devil May Cry 5’s metal madness is bringing its brand of demons, combat and great hair back

After Ninja Theory’s excellent DmC spin off, Devil May Cry 5 brings us back to Capcom’s classic demon hunting wheelhouse. That means a canonical sequel to DMC 4 where, this time, a demon attack has levelled London, leading Nero and Dante to combine forces to save the world. Again. It’s a tight mix of combos, special attacks and pounding music as you fight more to look good than anything else. Nero’s new Devil Breaker arms let you combine a variety of different attacks, while new character V fight from a distance with summoned demonic animals. It’s a loud, pounding blast of crazy full of over the top combat and even more excessive storylines. And, crucially, pizza. Leon Hurley

What: Devil May Cry 5
March 8
PS4, Xbox One, PC

2. Marvel’s first female-led superhero movie Captain Marvel blasts into cinemas

It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally getting the first female-led MCU movie this week. We already know how important Captain Marvel will be when it comes to Avengers 4: Endgame and defeating Thanos once and for all, but that’s not the only reason the new Marvel movie is one of the most anticipated in years. It’ll be the first time a female superhero takes centre stage as Oscar winner Brie Larson makes her MCU debut as the air force pilot turned cosmic superhero. While the internet trolls are determined to see the upcoming movie fail, we’ve got a sneaky suspicion that this is one superhero they don’t want to mess with… Lauren O’Callaghan

What: Captain Marvel
When: March 8, 2019
Where: Cinemas

3. Fortnite Season 8 is trying to compete with Sea of Thieves - although without the underwater monsters (so far)

Fortnite Season 8 is here at last, with a brand new Battle Pass, and of course, as is the way with developer Epic, it's changed everything all over again. Kiss goodbye to the Ice King, because the gold-adorned Luxe is the new queen of the island. And what a queen she is for this new pirate-themed adventure. She may not be as impressive as other Fortnite Tier 100 skins, but, knowing Epic, we expect there's a lot more to come. For now though, pirates have arrived and a volcano has erupted, obliterating Wailing Woods and creating two new locations in its stead. Plus, you can now FIRE YOURSELF OUT OF A CANNON?! Seriously, it's hilarious. Ford James

What: Fortnite Season 8
Right now!
PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mobile, Switch

4. American Gods season 2 is out on March 11...but maybe don’t get your hopes up

I’ll be the first to admit it: I didn’t like the American Gods season 1 ending. But hey, most of the series was a delight for the senses. Unfortunately American Gods season 2 is not getting the same amount of love from the critics, so if you were getting excited to see Shadow Moon and the inscrutable Mr Wednesday/Odin again, maybe hit the brakes. Various sources have said that the “main apocalyptic arc lacks emotional drive” (The Daily Dot), that it’s a “a pit of wasted potential” (TV Guide), and “the first three episode descriptions sum-up a feeling of perpetual waiting” (IndieWire). By all accounts it still looks beautiful AF, though, so if you’re just in it for the visual spectacle I doubt you'll be disappointed. Zoe Delahunty-Light

What: American Gods season 2
Where: Amazon Prime
When: March 11

5. Still wondering why Bohemian Rhapsody won all those awards? It's time to check it out on Blu-Ray and DVD

Unless you've been living under a rock, you might have seen that Bohemian Rhapsody has won quite a few awards lately. To date it's taken home four Oscars, two Golden Globes, two BAFTAs and one Screen Actors Guild Award, among hundreds of other smaller gongs, and most of those are for Best Picture or Best Movie, or Best Leading Actor. The movie must be doing something right. But if, like me, you didn't rush out to see the biopic in the cinema, now's a fantastic time to catch up on why the film has caused such a rukkus. It tells the story of the legendary rock band Queen and its lead singer Freddie Mercury, who's played - brilliantly - by Rami Malek. It's out on Blu-Ray and DVD this week, so now there's no excuse not to get up to speed, and no doubt there's even more to unpick in the DVD extras too. Just don't stop me now. Sam Loveridge

What: Bohemian Rhapsody on Blu-Ray and DVD
When: Right now
Where: A retailer near you

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