Release date announced for Red Dead co-op DLC

Are Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer modes not quite cutting it anymore? Do you like roaming in a posse, but wish there was more to do than hunt and cause general mayhem? Then you'll be interested to know that publisher Rockstar Games has finallyannounced thatits free Outlaws to the End DLC pack, which will bring six four-player co-op missions and a slew of new rewards and Achievements/Trophies to the game, will be available for download on June 22.

According to Rockstar, Outlaws to the End is just the beginning, and we should expect to see more about even more co-op missions "in the coming weeks." Until then,keep your eyes peeled for an Outlaws to the End hands-on report from us sometime soon.

Jun 3, 2010

Mikel Reparaz
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