Red Dead Redemption 2 dinosaur bones locations: How to find all 30 across the map


Wait, are we playing Red Dead Redemption 2 or some new Jurassic Park game? Early on in Arthur Morgan's adventure, you'll likely stumble upon the flustered archaeologist south-east of Horseshoe Overlook. This will begin the 'A Test of Faith' stranger mission, where you have to hunt down 30 Red Dead Redemption 2 dinosaur bones and essentially do the archaeologist's job for her. Ah well, being an outlaw can wait for a while, right?

Find every bone for her, and you’ll be rewarded with an extra special knife. Happy hunting!

Spoiler warning: The last eight bones are located in a spoilery part of the map that you likely won’t be able to fully access until you reach the game’s epilogue. If you’ve not reached that point in the story yet, you might want to stop at bone 22 for the time being.

Image credit: RDR2 Map


Bone 1

Bone the first can be found a little south of Dewberry Creek, in Lemoyne. You can find it bedded into the banks of a shallow ravine.


Bone 2

Located north of the last bone in Dewberry Creek, on the banks of a dried-up river.


Bone 3

Can be found east of Flatneck Station, on the slopes of a grassy hill.


Bone 4

This bone sits on a hill in the shadow of a rocky outcrop, situated to the northeast of Flatneck Station.


Bone 5

Slap bang in the middle of The Heartlands. Find the gold-digging site, then take the ladder down to find the bone at the bottom of the cave.


Bone 6

Northeast of Heartland Overflow lake, near some bushes at the top of a hill.


Bone 7

A slightly tricky one this, as you have to climb down the rocky banks of the Kamassa River. Better leave your horse - no bone is worth snapping your steed’s neck over.


Bone 8

To the east of Butcher Creek, in the heart of the forest. Use your Eagle Eye vision to spot it among all the thick trees.


Bone 9

A little south of Brandywine Drop, buried among some autumnal leaves.


Bone 10

This boney bad boy sits on a hill near the rail bridge to the west of Roanoke Valley.

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