Red Dead Redemption 2 dataminer discovers "incredibly rare" audio blooper that offers a peek behind the Rockstar curtain

Red dead Redemption 2
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A Red Dead Redemption 2 fan has dug deep into the game's audio files and discovered a blooper that gives us a rare peek behind the Rockstar curtain. 

YouTuber Red Dead Redemption Stories, whose channel is dedicated to sharing interesting finds about the Rockstar game, has discovered some hidden audio buried in the game's files that features a blooper that happened on the set. The video explains exactly what we're listening to, but generally speaking, it gives us a rare insight into Rockstar's typically secretive development process. 

The Red Dead Redemption fan explains that they found four audio files related to the 'A Quiet Time' mission in the Western sequel. Each file is slightly different and one of them appears to be the one used in the final product. In the first file, you can hear the actors pacing around an echoey sound stage, maybe even wearing props or costumes alongside their mocap suits - at least boots, spurs, or belts to give their steps that cowboy sound.

In the scene, Arthur Morgan speaks to Dutch at his camp before the pair is interrupted by Lenny with news that Micah has been arrested. Some of the tracks found include foley (horse galloping, footsteps, grass, etc.), and one features a minor slip-up from Dutch actor Benjamin Byron Davis who messes up one of his lines. 

During the part of the scene where Dutch tells Arthur and Lenny that he can't go to Micah's rescue, Davis says, "I cannot go to a sheriff's station__ f*** me, sorry!" and laughs. It's a small blooper, but overall, it's fascinating to see how the actors experimented with their lines and how they differ from what we got in the final game, especially since Rockstar is reluctant to share much about its process. 

Speaking of Red Dead Redemption's actors, the pair behind Arthur Morgan and John Marston recently gatecrashed a university class. The class is called 'Red Dead America' and uses the Rockstar games to explore American history between 1899 and 1911.

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