Red Dead Online gets a new hunting challenge, Showdown, and tasteful chemise

Red Dead Online's latest update is for everyone who fancies themself a big-game hunter - or a particularly efficient slayer of smaller critters. The new Wild Animal Kills challenge will give you the chance to prove your skill at the hunt, while a new Showdown Mode called Head for the Hills will give you an even more vicious predator/prey experience - plus there are new items and bonuses just for logging on or securing your account.

The Wild Animal Kills Challenge will now appear as a Freeroam Event, so keep your handsome cowboy eyes peeled for an invite. Once you're in, you won't be able to attack or be attacked by other players, so y'all can focus on gunning down the wildlife. Small animals will offer one point, medium animals two, and large animals three, with more prized (read: dangerous) beasts like cougars and bears start stalking the landscape as the challenge rolls on. Whoever has the most points at the end of the challenge will win, and be careful - it's hard to rack up kills with your guts all dangling from the end of a bear's claw.

If you prefer to hunt the most dangerous game, queue up for the new Head for the Hills Showdown Mode instead. It's another delightfully asymmetrical challenge in which one team's objective is to reach their safehouse and the other team's objective is to shoot them down (or tackle them and beat them to a pulp) before they get there. The next two weeks will see another two Showdown modes titled Public Enemy and Sport of Kings added to the game.

The last bit of new content for this update is a line of sartorial selections from the catalog: rustlers who enjoy a more feminine look will enjoy the Flora Corseted Chemise while the Paddon Shirt's laceup front lends an otherwise utilitarian garment some unique flair. The Shaffer Chaps, Plaid Cap, Racoon Hat expand your wardrobe as well, while the "How Dare You" emote lets you share your incredulity with onlookers.

Clever cowpunchers will make the most of three limited-time bonuses while they're available this week:

A Land of Opportunities bonuses: Complete "Honor Among Horse Thieves" (the first mission) to earn a bonus RDO$50. Earn another RDO$75 for finishing "Kill Them, Each and Every One". Finally, pick up a posh 10 Gold Bars for completing "Destroyed by Grief".

2-Step Verification Bonus: Enable 2-Step Verification on your Social Club account and you'll get an exclusive tint for the Raccoon Hat, on top of the usual bonus of 10 Gold Bars.

Care Package: Clean up in Showdown Mode with a new Care Package at your local Post Office or Camp Lockbox, featuring potent tonics, bitters, 120 rounds of Express Revolver ammo, and more.

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