Red Dead Online's latest trend is 'vomit roping' off cliffs

A Red Dead Online cowboy pukes as he falls down the edge of a cliff
(Image credit: Rockstar Games/Wizemen)

There are plenty of ways to get around the country in Red Dead Online: horses, carriages, trains, even long ambling journeys by foot. Now you can add a new means of transportation to the list: vomit ropes.

When you're roving across the countryside, nothing interrupts your flow like a big old cliff. Sure, they're authentic natural features that give the Old West much of its rugged, natural beauty, but it takes forever to get around them. If you try to just go over them, you'll probably die… unless you bust out your vomit rope. As first spotted by VG24/7, let Reddit user Wizemen demonstrate.

Lol its fun) from r/RedDeadOnline

All you do is sidle on up to the high side of a cliff face, dip into your satchel, select Bulrush (a plentiful herb that can be found growing in wetlands), command your hapless avatar to eat it, and step over the edge as soon as they start the vomiting animation. They'll plummet over the cliff yet remain locked in their technicolor yell, landing safely on the ground below with no fall damage.

The technique takes its name from the unbroken strand of vomit that trails behind your sickly cowpoke's head as they fall. But it's not just for fun, as explained by Reddit user Troyboy1996: "Vomit roping is a great way to get down cliffs when on collector's runs. I do it in New Austin frequently. Getting from that cliff to the south of the Ranch to the Moonshine shack by the river is great."

Players have been at this for a while - one video demonstrating the technique dates back to November 2019 - but it looks like it's really picking up steam now. Hopefully Rockstar lets players keep having their stomach-churning fun for years to come, and we never see "fixed vomit ropes" appear in the Red Dead Online patch notes.

Vomit ropes can also help you make a quick escape from two-headed skeleton hackers, because skeletons can't vomit.

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