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Red Dead Online's latest update is good news for patriotic cowboys and cowgirls

(Image credit: Rockstar)

It's hotdog and fireworks season, but Red Dead Online has found an altogether more rustic way to mark July 4 with its latest update. To get themselves and their camps looking festive, players can get free red and blue camp flags and, until July 8, half-price red, white, and blue bandanas.

This being America, Rockstar is also celebrating July 4 with hefty discounts on guns.

"As part of this week’s celebratory festivities, merchants are pleased to offer free Gun Oil to ensure all your instruments of peacemaking are in tip-top shape," it said.

"Gunslingers and vigilante types alike would also be wise to take advantage of 30% off all weapons components, including Improved Rifling to increase velocity and range, Iron Sights and Scopes for better accuracy, Stocks with various wood grains and Wraps to preserve your weapon from use and weather. And if you’re in the market for a reliable firearm, you can get the Evans Repeater for 25% off this week."

Take part in any Free Roam Missions before July 8 and you'll get 30% more Red Dead Online in-game cash and XP for your troubles. As if you needed an excuse to hang out with Bonnie MacFarlane.

The update also brings the arrival of a new emote, the Respectful Bow -  free from your Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue for this week only - and new clothing options like the Pelt Half Chaps, Cromwell Hat and Cabrera Pants.

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