Red Dead Online update launches new Opportunities and other crime-riddled missions

Red Dead Online
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The latest Red Dead Online update introduces brand new Opportunities, along with Crime Missions, discounts, and more. 

The new update to hit Red Dead Online this week beginning July 26 is a continuation of the hefty Blood Money update. The aforementioned update introduced various new crime-themed activities such as Opportunities, and the new update this week adds a new Opportunity called The Embers of the East, in which players have to steal a flawless ruby in Annesburg.

Elsewhere, there's a set of three new missions available from your local Blood Money contact. Dubbed 'The Dockside Contract,' these new missions have you tying up some loose ends in the crime business, before hitting a shipping company in Saint Denis to plunder everything you can possibly get your hands on.

There's also the arrival of the Quick Draw Club No. 1 this week in Red Dead Online. Previously, developer Rockstar announced that there would be four Quick Draw Clubs coming over the next four weeks, each with 25 tiers to level up and unlock for new rewards. The first of these passes is now live, and offers the Whitchurch Cattleman Revolver Variant among other rewards. Remember that if you purchase all four Quick Draw Clubs, you'll get access to Halloween Pass 2 later this year for free.

Finally, there are waived camp setup fees throughout Red Dead Online for this week, as well as a slate of discounts. There's now 30% off Repeaters at all Gunsmiths, as well as 40% off all non-role outfits at Tailors, a nice little bonus to get your Red Dead Online character looking as sleek as possible in the Old West.

Following on from the Blood Money update in Red Dead Online, we've got a slew of guides to help you out. You can head over to our Red Dead Online Crimes and Opportunities guide for how to get started in the new update, or there's our Red Dead Online Capitale guide for where to find the elusive resource for Guido Martelli to bag yourself some exclusive rewards.

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