Rebel Moon's confirmed runtime suggests its Snyder Cut will be close to three hours

Rebel Moon
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Rebel Moon's runtime has now been revealed, and it means Zack Snyder's director's cut will be a nearly three-hour-long extravaganza.

Netflix's Tudum has confirmed that Rebel Moon Part 1 will be two hours and 13 minutes in a new update on their website. Looking back at Snyder's earlier comments to the publication, this spells a chunky Snyder Cut on the horizon.

"The director’s cut is close to an hour of extra content, so I think it’s a legitimate extended universe version. You really get to see a lot," Snyder previously said. "It’s just more painted-in all the way. The director’s [cut] is a settle-in deep dive, which I have notoriously done throughout my career."

What's more, Deborah Snyder told Total Film that this director's cut will add to the film as well. "The difference [this time] is that we’ve planned for it… it’s not an afterthought," Snyder explained. "We’re still tweaking, but they’ll probably be 45 minutes to an hour longer, each one. You get more character. You get a lot more of everything. It’s not just a few deleted scenes."

The sci-fi drama, which has been split into two parts, centers on a peaceful colony at the edge of space whose lives are suddenly turned upside down when they're attacked by the armies of a brutal dictator. The colony sends Kora, played by Sofia Boutella, as an envoy to seek help from neighboring planets. The ensemble cast also includes Charlie Hunnam, Corey Stoll, Djimon Hounsou, Cary Elwes, Jena Malone, Doona Bae, and Ray Fisher. It was previously reported that the extended director's cut would also receive an R rating.

Rebel Moon Part 1: A Child of Fire arrives this December 22. Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver is set to hit Netflix on April 19, 2024. In the meantime, check out our guide to all the best Netflix movies streaming now to fill out your watchlist.

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