Ray Winstone unearths Indy IV

Oh, goody. Looks like the producers and that crafty Beard (Steven Spielberg to you and me) are planning the drip feed casting announcements campaign for Indiana Jones IV so they can maximise coverage. Well played, Mr Spielberg.

Still, who can complain when the casting news is as good as this: Ray Winstone, last seen as a thuggish enforcer in The Departed, has signed on to the latest Indy outing. And while the plot is a secret more closely guarded than how Paul WS Anderson gets to keep making movies, The Hollywood Reporter’s “sources” say that he’ll likely end up as Jones’ sidekick.
And at least we know he’s not playing Harrison Ford’s love interest, as Cate Blanchett already appears to be filling that particular requirement.

With a start date set for June in LA and around the world, and a release date of 22 May next year, Indiana Jones will be back and Ford will be doing all his own stunts and everyone else’s. And he’ll arm wrestle anyone who says otherwise right now.

Source: ( The Hollywood Reporter )