Rare deal drops the Oath board game below $100 at Amazon

Oath board game deals
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The Oath board game has been discounted by 20% at Amazon, bringing it down to $96 and marking a good opportunity to pick up one of the best board games from the past year for much less. 

Even though Amazon has fudged the recommended retail price on its listing (its MSRP is $120 instead of $160, as this offer claims) being able to save $24 on the Oath board game isn't bad going. You can't normally get it for less than $110 at the best of times, and while it hit a record low of $85.99 at the end of December 2021, prices below $100 are very rare. As such, this offer is worth considering if you've had your eye on Oath after its stellar reviews across the tabletop scene last year.

As the latest release from the team behind the superb Root board game, Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile should definitely be on your radar. Putting you in charge of an ancient kingdom that you shape over generations, it offers a linked campaign where each session holds consequences for the next game as nations rise and fall. Thanks to painterly artwork on a multitude of cards, it's also drop-dead gorgeous.

It's unclear how long the offer will last, so we'd recommend jumping on it sooner than later if you're interested - board game deals for Oath don't come around all that often, so there's a good chance this will be your best opportunity for a while.

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Oath: Chronicles of Empire & Exile | $120 $96 at Amazon
Save 20% - This strategy game is rarely seen below $100, so it being discounted even by $24 is worth taking note of. There was a lot of buzz about Oath in 2021 and it excels at replayability, so it's a good choice if you're looking for something new in 2022. 

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