Rallisport 2 downloads available now

Rallisport Challenge 2 fans rejoice (or at least chuckle smugly). Microsoft have made new content available on Xbox Live and, frankly, they probably could have charged for it.

Included in the download pack are four new cars - two vintage models (the Volvo Amazon and the beautiful Saab 96), and two Sports Utility Vehicles (a spanky new BMW X5 and equally chunky VW Touareg) - and two new paint jobs for each of the original's 43 motors.

There are also two new career modes; Mountain Challenge (Hill Climbs) and Arena Challenge (Ice Racing and Rally Cross) and a new 'Challenges' mode. The latter will feature daily, weekly and monthly contests on specific circuits in specific cars> Naturally, this has been nicely integrated with the Live rankings for bragging purposes.

To grab the content simply log on to Xbox Live and follow the instructions.