Rainbow Six Siege PS5 and Xbox Series X version release date revealed

Rainbow Six Siege
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Rainbow Six Siege is getting a PS5 and Xbox Series X native version early next month, with improved visuals and special features depending on where you play.

Ubisoft revealed its plans for the Rainbow Six Siege next-gen versions in a press release today. While you can play Siege on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S right now via backwards compatibility, the new native app version coming December 1 will put the next generation's more powerful hardware and new controller features to use (that coincides with the start of Year 5 Season 4, handily).

Current owners will be able to upgrade their game at no additional cost, and cross-progression and cross-play mean you'll be able to keep everything you've unlocked and still play with all your friends on last-gen. As for the new stuff you get for playing on PS5 and Xbox Series X, you can look forward to modes supporting 120 frames per second and 4K resolutions. The Xbox Series S version will target 1080p and 60 FPS.

Both console families will benefit from a new "quick start" experience with a faster login and streamlined intro, as well as more accessibility options and support for the Ubisoft Connect overlay.

On PS5, the DualSense controller's adaptive triggers will better emulate each weapon category, with a light and quick pull for pistols and a heavier pull with bigger kick for LMGs. Improved haptics will let you feel the difference between shotgun pellets punching through your cover and, say, standing next to a wall charge as it goes off.

Deathloop is doing some clever things with DualSense as well, including simulating weapon jams.

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