Deathloop uses the PS5 controller to replicate weapon jams and more

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Deathloop will put your PS5 controller to work to convey weapon jams, rooftop scrambling, and more.

After announcing the updated Deathloop release date earlier this month, Bethesda took to the PlayStation Blog to fill in more details about the exclusive features it will boast on PS5. While we already knew the in-game rewards you'll get for playing and pre-ordering on PS5, the blog post went into detail on how the game will use the DualSense's adaptive triggers, improved haptic feedback, and controller speaker.

Each gun you fire in Deathloop will feel different. The PT-6 Spiker, which is a silenced nail gun - think about that, a silenced nail gun - will let you feel the tinkle of each nail as Cole (or Julianna, if you're in PvP mode) reloads it with fresh ammo. The triggers will tighten as you hold to aim, then recoil as you fire. Meanwhile, if you're using a lower-tier gun, you'll even feel jams starting before you even see or hear them. Ideally that means extra time to run for cover as you clear the jam, or you could just stand there in the open and admire the sensation as you get shot, like I plan to.

The controller's improved haptic feedback will also deliver different feelings depending on whether you're dashing across rooftops or thudding down into soft snowbanks. And you'll hear Julianna, Cole's dedicated assassin, taunting you from your controller speaker.

Deathloop is also coming to PC as well as PS5 on May 21, 2021, but you'll need to play on PS5 to feel those silenced nails tinkling into your silenced nail gun.

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