Rainbow Six Extraction offers an auto-turret and other rewards for its first Crisis Event

The first Rainbow Six Extraction Crisis Event is live now, giving players the chance to earn special new gear in exchange for taking on big challenges.

The first Crisis Event is titled Spillover, and it equips players with new dissolution agent canisters which they must set up and guard against waves of Archaean enemies - rinse and repeat until you take out the colony, or your whole team gets wiped out. Playing Rainbow Six Extraction at any point during the event will give you a chance to unlock the auto-turret, which will automatically track and fire upon enemies. It's up to you whether you want to give each turret you deploy a cute nickname and backstory, but it sounds like an easy morale win to us.

Other rewards for playing include exclusive operator uniforms and weapon skins. You'll also have your first chance to unlock Zofia during the event, a Rainbow Six Siege attacker who is the next to add full-time alien exterminator to her resume. Ubisoft has already laid out plans for at least three Rainbow Six Extraction Crisis Events, but we'll just have to wait and see how the others shake out.

Ubisoft has said it plans to roll out "new activities, new game modes, new enemy archetypes, and new operators" as part of its Rainbow Six Extraction free DLC plans, and it looks like Spillover will likely just be the start.

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