Rainbow Six Extraction free DLC will include new operators, enemies, and modes

Rainbow 6 Extraction operators fighting Archaeans press image
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Extraction will offer new enemies, modes, operators, and more as post-launch DLC.

Game director Patrik Méthé revealed the new post-launch plans in a statement to Gfinity. In the statement, Méthé details new "new activities, new game modes, new enemy archetypes, and new operators" bundled into Rainbow Six Extraction after launch.

Right now, we don't have any concrete details as to how the post-launch content will materialize. It's not clear when developer Ubisoft plans to push out for the first round of DLC, for example, and we also don't know which new operators or enemy types will be joining the ranks of the new shooter.

However, we do know that all this post-launch content, whenever it arrives, will be entirely free across all platforms. This is actually in contrast to Rainbow Six Siege, which is the source material for Extraction's operators and weapons, as the former game generally charges players for new seasonal content and characters.

These new comments from Méthé generally line up with what the creative director told GamesRadar+ earlier this month. "We already have a very strong plan for the year following Extraction's launch," the game director told us at the time, before adding that, depending on the community's reaction to certain aspects of Extraction, post-launch plans could always change and adapt. We could still see Ubisoft change its post-launch content offerings for Extraction players depending on what players are vocal about, then.

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Hirun Cryer

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