Raimi, Ash and Spidey

Now we know a new Evil Dead flick has been festering in the movie-mill since year dot, but when we heard Sam Raimi recently speak words to the tune of: I’m trying to get the script written, and, I have been talking about making another one. Well, we immediately started getting palpitations and sweaty palms.

It seems Raimi could be hankering to team up with Bruce Campbell and his sophomore superhero Ash Williams, to re-face the demonic deadites and finally close the book on cinema’s most nefarious hardback.

The Evil Dead helmer has recently been out and about promoting his third webslinging tale, and had these juicy words to say about an Evil Dead redux and the future of Spidey (Yea, like that was in any doubt).

"I'm trying to get my brother, Ivan, to write the screenplay with me. He wrote Army of Darkness, the third one, with me and we have been talking about another one, but we haven't started work on it."

“Yes Sony is making 4, 5 and 6 but I have not had time to think about involvement. I don’t want to assume they were going to ask me to do it. Right now I am not involved, and have not decided. If there was a great story to tell and I felt I had a really great take on the character, and where he could grow to, then it would be great. But I would have to have a passion to do it, so many people love Stan Lee’s character, if I could not do it fantastically I would be better to step aside for a director who would have the passion to do it. I would definitely need a break before going into doing any new Spider Man movies.

I would have a very hard time saying good bye to Spidey. I don’t know if there should be a new Spiderman in the new series. I would have to make that choice based on the story and the characters. I couldn’t make that decision. It would be very hard to be involved without Tobey or Kirsten” declared Raimi.

So what are you waiting on boys? Get scribing that groovy screenplay we all want to drool over.