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Quake Cheats

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    Cheat Codes

    You need to type these cheats in the console. Activate the console by pressing the tilde ~ key.
    Code Description
    GOD God mode
    IMPULSE 9 Gives all weapons
    IMPULSE 11 Get Runes
    IMPULSE 255 Gives you Quad Damage
    NOCLIP No clipping mode
    MAP ExMx Level warp. Replace the x with a value for the desired episode and map number respectively
    FLY fly around use the d and c keys to move up or down
    NOTARGET Monsters won't target you unless you attack
    REGISTERED 1 Tricks the shareware version into thinking it is the full version, allowing all weapons on the start map in multi-player mode. Does not let you get into registered levels.
    GIVE # Gives you weapon #
    GIVE S # Gives you # shells
    GIVE N # Gives you # nails
    GIVE R # Gives you # rockets
    GIVE C # Gives you # cells
    GIVE H # Gives you health #