PUBG gets Metal Gear Solid 5 style Fulton extractions in latest update

PUBG gets MGS 5 style Fulton extractions in latest update
(Image credit: PUBG Corporation)

The latest update to PUBG has added a Metal Gear Solid 5-style Fulton extraction system that lets you and your teammates redeploy to somewhere else on the map.

It’s fair to say that the Fulton extraction system was one of Metal Gear Solid 5’s most popular features, letting players extract priority targets, equipment, and random wildlife in hilarious fashion by attaching them to a balloon that yanks them into the sky at high speed. Now the system is being trialed in the PUBG public test servers as a way to redeploy your squad if you get stuck on the opposite side of the map to the safe zone.

This addition comes as part of Patch 11.1 which is also reintroducing the new and improved Paramo map along with updates to the medals system. You can see the full details of the patch in the PUBG Patch Report video below.

It seems like the PUBG developers also looked up how the Fulton extraction system actually works too, unlike Hideo Kojima. In Metal Gear Solid 5, the Fulton was basically just a balloon that you attached to objects to hurtle them into the stratosphere which, while hilarious, is really not how the real-life Fulton extraction system works. To be fair though, Metal Gear Solid V also features an upgrade to this system that uses wormholes, so we’ll let them off on the realism side of things.

PUBG takes the more realistic approach. Players can throw down an Emergency Pickup deployable which launches a balloon into the air. The balloon will stay there for 60 seconds and during this time, players can strap themselves to it. Once your minute is up, a plane flies over and hooks the balloon, pulling your team into the air and carrying you to the center of the safe zone where you can parachute back into the action. Be careful though, because this is not a subtle reentry into the fight and you’re almost certainly going to attract some fire on the way down.

As it’s on the test server at the moment, this update is only live for PC players for now, but you can expect the Fulton to make its way to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of PUBG too.

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