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P.T./Silent Hills demo walkthrough

The bathroom door is now open, so go inside to pick up the torch.

The door closes behind you and traps you inside. Zoom in on the foetus in the sink to trigger approaching noises from the corridor followed by the door rattling.

When the noise has died down, look at the door in the mirror to get it open.


Walk to the far end of the corridor and listen to the radio message. The ghostly figure may attack you here if you wait around too long.


If you weren't grabbed, head to the far end of the corridor and try the locked door.

Turn around and walk back, where you'll quickly get attacked by the ghostly figure.

After waking up back in the initial room, zoom in on the bag on the table to hear a message. Head into the corridor afterwards.

At this point you can collect the missing picture pieces, although doing this doesn't seem to affect the game in any way. To collect each one, hold R3 to zoom in on them until they vanish and some text appears on the screen.

Picture piece 1: On the floor in front of the alarm clock stand next to some cans.

Picture piece 2: In the back of the plant pot on the floor next to the alarm clock stand.

Picture piece 3: By the teddy bear on the floor near the telephone.

Picture piece 4: In the corridor to the left of the bathroom door and nearby pillar, at the top near the ceiling.

Picture piece 5: Near the bottom of the stairs that lead to the LOOP door.

Picture piece 6: Press the options button to access the pause menu then hold R3 to reveal.

With all 6 pieces found, the picture is complete again.


Continue the walkthrough on page 4.

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