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P.T./Silent Hills demo walkthrough

The demo starts in this room. Admire the cockroach then head through the door ahead.

You'll become very familiar with this corridor as you proceed through the demo. Head to the far end.

Stop and listen to the radio report for some back story insight.

Go down the steps at the far end of the corridor and through the door to loop back to the beginning of the corridor. For the rest of this guide, when you see LOOP you should go through this door to advance to the next area.

Go to the far end of the corridor and try to open the door, which is locked.

Return to the bathroom door near the corner, where you'll hear banging from inside.

Go back to the door you arrived in the corridor from, to find it is also locked.

On the floor by the alarm clock you'll find a broken picture, with a clue that R3 is used to zoom the camera.

Go back to the end of the corridor to find the door has now opened.


Head to the bathroom door to hear more banging from inside.


Walk to the far end of the corridor, where the door closes as you approach. Try to open it.

Turn around to find the bathroom door ajar and cockroaches spilling into the corridor.

Get close then zoom in on the bathroom door gap with R3, then wait for a ghostly figure to slam it closed. The far door swings open.


Go around the corner, where the ghostly figure has now appeared. The light goes out and they vanish as you approach.

Walk into the dark area where they were, triggering the lights to come on and more cockroaches to appear.


Continue the walkthrough on page 3.

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