New PS5 system update also has a DualSense controller patch

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A new system update for the PS5 has arrived. Users are being prompted to download version 20.02-02.30, which also appears to include changes to the console's DualSense controller.

Players were met with an 868MB update earlier today. Sony didn't immediately reveal what changes were being made in the update, but freshly-released patch notes state that the new version offers improved system performance and connection stability with some Wi-Fi routers. It also fixes an issue with data transfer from PS4 and text input in some PS4 games.

Elsewhere, some attention seems to be being paid to the PS5's DualSense controller - a second prompt, dedicated to "wireless controller device software," says that "a new version of the wireless controller device software is available." While you won't need to restart the console for that update, the installation screen does prompt you to plug your controller in.

Sony hasn't actually made clear what it's changing in regard to the controller, but there are a number of features that could be tweaked internally. The company has previously said it'll be adjusting some of the PS5's internal system based on the data it gets back from players, so this could be a similar situation.

Your PS5 should start to automatically install the update, but if you do need to force it, you can do so by trying to go online.

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