PS5 scams and heists are getting more elaborate

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PS5 scams and thefts are getting more creative, with reports of missing consoles starting to sound like something out of a heist movie.

Since the PS5 launch last month there has been an influx of reports from customers who have had issues with their console delivery, whether it be from internet scammers or thieves.

And it doesn't appear to be a hugely rare occurrence - there have been multiple reports since the launch of the PS5 from customers whose console wasn't delivered, or who received their package in the mail, only to find out that it'd been replaced in transit for something else. Reports included air fryers, foot massagers, and even cat food showing up instead of the new console. 

BBC Watchdog has recently come forward to say that they are investigating the missing orders and Amazon has since confirmed that they will replace the lost PS5 consoles for those customers. But it's not just Amazon customers who are dealing with the issue.

As the PS5 is currently very scarce, consumers are trying their best to get their hands on the next-gen console where ever they can, with some even going to serious lengths to buy an overly priced one from console scalpers.

Most recently, a man in Utah paid $878 for a PS5 from eBay only to receive a block of concrete in the delivery box, upon arrival. The man notified the police (via FoxNews) who recommended that he issue a refund with the seller, with eBay issuing a warning to PS5 scammers who intentionally mislead buyers.

Scamming is just one way people are being left without a PS5. As reported by The Times, gangs have planned heists in order to break into fast-moving lorries to get their hands on the latest console, along with other valuable goods. Some thieves have even gone to such extremes as climbing on top of the moving lorry using a secure rope, before forcing their way into the vehicle using crowbars, and throwing out the goods for the rest of the gang to pick up.

We've yet to be informed of any customers receiving their missing PS5 after the fact, and it's clear that the PS5 is in high demand, especially with Christmas coming up. Sony has confirmed that more stock will be coming before the end of the year, so if you're currently on the lookout here's where to buy a PS5, with stock updates for your convenience. 

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