Amazon UK will replace missing PS5 consoles

(Image credit: Sony)

Amazon appears to be contacting customers whose PS5 releases went missing. In a tweet today, Push Square journalist Anthony Dickens - whose own console never showed up - shared an email he had received from the retailer explaining how the replacements would work.

The email, which comes from Amazon UK, says that "we are please to confirm that we will be able to secure a PlayStation 5 for you as a replacement for the order that you didn't receive," before explaining that orders that have been refunded will require the customer to allow Amazon to charge the payment card again.

The email also states that the offer "is solely for the purpose of replacing the PlayStation 5 that you ordered. It cannot be transferred to another customer and cannot be used to purchase additional units of the PlayStation 5." It's currently unclear whether the replacement system will be rolled out worldwide or is limited to users in the UK.

Two members of the GamesRadar team have been told by people affected that they've been told to expect their replacement machines within two-to-three weeks.

After the PS5 launched in the UK on November 19, there were multiple reports of consoles either not being delivered at all, or being replaced in transit with household objects. Amazon has already taken some action, but the issue has already garnered the attention of the BBC's Watchdog segment.

The replacement system only appears to run until December 5, but we'll update this story if Amazon clarifies the situation. 

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