PS5 could use a Samsung SSD to help games load faster

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PS5 could be getting a speed boost from Samsung, as it appears the next gen console could use Samsung solid state drives.

The news (spotted by VGC) comes from the tech firm's snappily named Samsung SSD Forum that was held earlier this month. This is where Samsung discussed the next generation of storage drives from the company. 

A senior managing director at Samsung speaking at the conference, Han Jinman, explained that a new range of Samsung SSDs - their Non-Volatile Memory express SSDs - will appear in both gaming PCs and "consumer gaming consoles" from 2020. 

In a slide shown during the forum, an image of a DualShock 4 appears to be shown, as does loading time comparisons between a hard drive, an SSD, and a NVMe SSD. It estimates that a hard drive takes 49 seconds for a system boot, an SSD 29 seconds, while an 'optimised NVMe' will take a lot less time than an SSD (although it doesn't put a number to that time).

(Image credit: Samsung)

It's already been confirmed that PS5 will use an SSD to load games, and although Samsung didn't state which consumer consoles will be using its tech, the fact that a DualShock 4 seems to appear in this presentation is a heavy hint. 

Sony have also shown off how quickly the PS5 can load PS4 games, with a PS5 gameplay reveal booting Marvel's Spider-Man at just 0.8 seconds. At the very least, there'll be no more browsing of Twitter while looking at loading screens next-gen.

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