PS5 accessories are showing up at warehouses

(Image credit: Sony)

A bunch of PS5 accessories have reportedly been arriving at warehouses ahead of the console's launch next month in November.

Earlier today on October 22, a slew of Reddit posts reported that PS5 accessories had been showing up in the wild. Firstly, you can see shots of the PS5 Pulse 3D headset and HD camera, in what appears to be a warehouse, just below.

First box-shots of Pulse 3D and PS5 HD Camera in the wild from r/PS5

Next, there's the DualSense charging station just below. Again, this appears to be showing up at a warehouse, and this is the charging station that you'll be able to use to charge two PS5 controllers at once.

Just spotted this at work from r/PS5

Finally, there's Turtle Beach headsets showing up at Walmart. This time, the accessory isn't actually in a warehouse, and is instead on a shop floor. As the Reddit post below notes though, these Turtle Beach headsets say they work with the PS5.

The Big W has Turtle Beach's that say they work with PS5 out already from r/PS5

Just two days ago, it was reported that DualSense controllers were already being shipped out to stores. A DualSense controller appeared at Walmart earlier this week, a few weeks before the PS5 is due to go on sale on November 12.

Last week, we reported that customers were receiving notification saying that their PS5 accessories would be shipping in late October. This would likely have them arriving before the actual console itself launches, so it makes sense that we're seeing the PS5's accessories arriving in warehouses before the actual console itself.

It's not just the PS5's accessories that are going to be shipping out before the console. In the UK, games like Demon's Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales will arrive up to a week before the console launches on November 19. These PS5 games are going to be little more than expensive paperweights until the console arrives.

If you're still looking to reserve your own PS5 ahead of the console's launch next month, check out our PS5 pre-orders guide. Looking for the best audio experience on the PS5? Be sure to check out our roundup of the best PS5 headsets.

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