PS4 20th Anniversary UK purchase contest begins today

The race is (nearly) on for every last UK resident who still wants a PS4 20th Anniversary Edition. The elaborate process for fans who didn't manage to snag one last week involves no less than five steps - one of which will test your ability to identify and click on a specific character from PlayStation history at rapid speed.

Step one is to follow the PlayStation UK and GAME Digital Twitter accounts. That's the easy part. Then stay glued to those feeds during the five contest times (Monday at 4 pm, Tuesday at 5 pm, Wednesday at 2 pm, Thursday at 8 am, Friday at 12 pm) when the accounts will Tweet character clues using the '#20YearsOfCharacters' hashtag.

What do you do with that clue? Why, you point your browser to this massive character collage, zoom in on the relevant character, and click the little plus hovering over them, of course! Assuming Sony's servers don't burn down in a click inferno, the correct character entry will include a link to a secret GAME website (you might want to practice now, while the site is still relatively stable).

Once you access that secret site, you'll need to be among the first hundred to submit a form with relevant details. If you make the cut off, you'll get an email from GAME within the next day telling you how to complete your purchase. If you submit the form after the first 100 but before the contest closes for the day, you'll still be entered in a daily prize draw for one free PS4 20th Anniversary Edition

The only thing missing from the marathon process is a decoder ring. Seriously, Sony is asking quite a bit of people who just want the chance to pay £399 for a product. Then again, have a look at these high-res photos we took of ours... OK, yeah, totally worth it.

Connor Sheridan

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