PS3 to get upgrades

Sony is planning to release a series of firmware upgrades to make sure PlayStation 3 reaches its full potential, which means there will be no need for a new Sony console until at least 2010.

Paul Holman, vice president of technology for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, claims that PS3's Cell processor has "a heap more processing headroom than was initially anticipated and that this is resulting in the development of new gaming capabilities." He then revealed that Sony will attempt to "harness this power with firmware upgrades and new features."

These new features could include the ability to download third-party operating systems to the console, as Holman has witnessed a PS3 handling a Linux application. While that isn't the most exciting news ever, it's clear that Sony is aware that PS3 hastons of potential and that it will have to work hard to exploit it fully.

Holman also mentioned that a firmware upgrade will be in place for the European launch as well as 20 more PS3 titles than were available at the US launch.

December 5, 2006