PS3 shooter Dust 514 launching in May

PS3 exclusive multiplayer shooter Dust 514 will officially launch on May 14, 2013, CCP Games has confirmed. The free-to-play game operates in the same universe as CCP’s PC space combat simulator Eve Online, letting players in both games interact with and influence each other's corporations and conflicts in real time. It has been in open beta since January.

Ahead of Dust 514’s official release, CCP will roll out the Uprising build of the game on May 6. It will introduce new gameplay modes, battlegrounds, weapons, gear and equipment, while enabling player corporations to own and manage planetary districts in the Eve Online universe. Additionally, an optimised graphics engine has been designed to enhance the title’s visual appearance, while CCP promises a more accessible user experience that gets players into the action more quickly.

CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson said of the game’s upcoming release: “Reaching this point has required many years, hundreds of CCP employees, and the engagement of millions of players who contributed fantastic feedback during the beta process. Now we start the real journey, which, decades from now, we will look back on with astonishment at all we accomplished. The Eve Universe will outlive us all.”