PS3 pad battery is irreplaceable

Thursday 19 October 2006
PlayStation 3's wireless SixAxis pad will not come with a replaceable battery, Sony has confirmed.

This means that, unlike Xbox 360 controllers which feature removable battery packs, SixAxis pads that reach the end of their chargeable lifetime will become effectively useless as wireless controllers - although you should still be able to play with them by using the USB cable.

You can expect to pay at least as much for a PS3 pad as you do right now for a PS2 one and, although each wireless joypad will more than likely handle over a 1,000 charges - like most traditional rechargeable batteries - should your controller develop a charge problem then you'll be forced to shell out for a whole new one. Hopefully Sony will offer at least a year's warrantee on each pad, though.

Above: Sony says its SixAxis controller will manage 30 hours of life for each two-and-a-half-hour charge

Of course, like iPods which also have no removable battery packs, we imagine third-party replacement batteries will spring up. Although, as anyone who's ever wrecked their MP3 player by trying to replace the battery themselves will tell you, it's no easy task.

Should Sony offer a battery replacement service? We think so, but what about you? Why not hit the forums and unleash your opinion?

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