PS3 launch: The crucial info on Sony's box

Monday 19 March 2007
The most anticipated console release ever in the history of the Universe is bearing down on us like a big, black plastic monolith of Ultimate Power. But are you really up to speed on PlayStation 3? If you're not, don't panic.

All this week at GamesRadar we'll bring you every valuable grain of knowledge about Sony's new powerhouse. We'll be taking an in-depth look at everything from the console and games, through to HD and Blu-ray.

Right now, though, and before we explore in greater detail the various facets of PS3, cast your eyes over our super handy FAQ and fill your brain with all the essential info about PS3 and its impending European launch.

How much does a PS3 cost?
£425 (599 euros).

When's it out?
Friday 23 March. That's this Friday.

Is there only one model available?
At launch only the 60GB version will be on offer, although Sony has said that the 20GB version will follow later in the year depending on demand.

Where can I get a PS3 on launch day?
Judging by the fact that most high street stores and websites are still actively promoting their pre-order schemes, if you haven't already reserved a machine you still shouldn't have too much troublegetting your hands on one come launch day.

How many games will be out on launch day?
It's meant to beatotal of 36- 28 on disc and eight available for download from PS3 Network. However,we know for sure that The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Splinter Cell: Double Agentwon't be outthisFridayand that there will, in fact, only befour Network games (Blast Factor, Lemmings, Gran Turismo HD and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection) available on launch day. We also have it on good authority that two or three other disc-based titles will suffer slippage.