PS3 ICO and Shadow of the Colossus bundle pre-orders now on Wal-Mart, our digits remain permanently crossed

Please be true. Please be true. Please be true. If mega supermarket Wal-Mart's website is to be believed, we'll all be cuddling up to some HD ICO/Colossus goodness on our PS3s from April 1st 2011. The site, which is already taking pre-orders for the pack has stuck on the tentative release date on the game's page. Read below for some further insight into why we think the anticipated bundle will be announced at this week's Tokyo Game Show.

Above: Proof enough for us... well, not really

Just last week, Shuhei Yoshida, head of SCE Worldwide Studios, admitted the company was "very aware" of demand for the HD remakes. This conincides with Fumito Ueda (creator of both tiles) confirming Team Ico's latest project, The Last Guardian, would be appearing at TGS later in the week.

Above: ICO and Colossus willhopefully look this good, if not better, on PS3

If we were to enter the dark and murky world of educated guesswork, we'd say Sony will show off, at the very least, a new TLG trailer at the show. We suspect this will probably be fronted by Ueda, who'll then go on to confirm the ICO/Colossus bundle. From a sales strategy, re-realsing the true classics would make sense, as it would help drum up interest for the forthcoming PS3 adventure. Sony and Team Ico have previous with this sort of thing, too. They re-realsed ICO just around the time Shadow hit shelves. At any rate, if they're not announced at TGS we're probably going to do something with our crossed fingers that we regret. Possibly involving eye gouging.

Source: CVG

Sep 13, 2010

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