PS Plus members get Journey one week early, free Sly Cooper HD

PlayStation Plus members are in for a some high profile perks this month. Today, Sony announced it will be stocking its US PS Plus stores this week with free copies of Sly Cooper and Super Street Fighter II Turbo Remix. European PS Plussers will also be getting a free copy of Sly's HD remake, but with Trine 2 in lieu of the Street Fighter sequel.

In addition, Sony revealed all members will have a chance to trip around thatgamecompany's highly anticipated Journey one week before everyone else, writing, “[Journey] has been receiving some amazing reviews and truly is a masterpiece. But why wait to find out? This Wednesday, our PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to get their hands on Journey one whole week before everyone else and grab yourselves a free Plus-Exclusive Dynamic Theme.”

Other US PlayStation Plus rewards include discounts on BioShock 2, MotorStorm RC, and a full trial of Mass Effect 3. Meanwhile, overseas, European members will also receive goodies including a version of Jet Rider and The Impossible Game, plus half-off Toy Story 3.

GR already had a chance to traverse thatgamecompany's surreal adventure game, and as our favorable review shows, it's worth getting your hands on as soon as possible.

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