PROMOTION Invasion Sci Fi Exhibition Preview

All the details on the Luton sci-fi season

Invasion Sci Fi Exhibition at Stockwood Discovery Centre from Friday 4th July, 2014 - Sunday 31st August, 2014.

Guaranteed to thrill sci-fi enthusiasts the Invasion Sci Fi Exhibition showcases props and costumes from popular sci-fi movies and series such as The X- Files, Space Precinct, Planet Of The Apes, Star Trek Enterprise, Andromeda, Stargate Atlantis, Red Dwarf, The Chronicles Of Riddick, Star Wars, Doctor Who, I Robot, Aliens, Mars Attacks, Hellraiser, Babylon 5 and... well, you get the idea.

Highlights from the show include: the xenomorphs from Aliens , Alien Resurrection ’s sleep chamber, the alien host from The X-Files , Jim Henson’s cute Bobut from the fantasy adventure Aliens In The Family and the massive transporter spaceship model from Lost In Space . A life cast depicting one of cinema's most terrifying villains – Pinhead from Hellraiser – is also featured as well as an Ood prosthetic from Doctor Who .

Devotees of Star Wars in particular can feast on the delights of a life size hand-painted latex Yoda statue, a replica of Darth Vader’s lightsaber as used in George Lucas’s epic Star Wars films, an extremely rare life sized replica of Chewbacca the Wookiee and an Ewok figure.

Alien and Predator enthusiasts will not be disappointed either with a beautifully detailed Predator bust created from a production mould based on the original elaborate full body prosthetic costume, and an injection moulded foam latex airbrushed facehugger from Ridley Scotts 1979 science fiction horror film Alien and an Aliens 1986 action sequel life size model Alien Queen.

In addition to this extravaganza the Stockwood Discovery Centre will be hosting a Sci-Fi fun day on Sunday 20th July, 2014 from 11:00 - 18:00.

The adventure-packed day suitable for the whole family will feature laser tag within a giant inflatable spaceship, fairground rides, stalls, craft activities, special effects costume and props displays and workshops, alien walkabouts with performers on stilts and a guest appearance by the renowned Dalek Ace.

Other highlights of the day will include attendance by popular artists and writers including Steve Dillon the illustrator from Luton famous for his work on 2000 AD , Hellblazer and Preacher , as well as Mike French author of An Android Awaits displaying illustrations from his book drawn by Karl Brown who will also be doing live art demos throughout the day.

Cosplay is encouraged where visitors come as favourite science fiction characters for an opportunity to take part in a best dressed competition. All children in costumes will receive a free gift.

For fans of sci-fi it's not to be missed.

Admission charges apply for both Invasion and the Sci Fi Funday. There may be additional costs for activities.

Go to for booking information.

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